You Need a CRM Without The Complexity

As a small business owner you know a CRM can help you stay organized and earn more.

BUT... Most of them are terrible to use.

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Salesflare Is Different

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Why Salesflare?

We use it for the following reasons -- You will want to as well

It Works For You

Work in email, LinkedIn, or elsewhere -- manage leads, enrich contacts, without changing how you work.

All your lead communications, attachments, notes, and meetings available in one place.

Data Where You Want

Easy To Use

Salesflare doesn't feel like most CRMs, and that's why it works better for most people.

Works Anywhere

Whether you work behind a desk or on the go, access Salesflare anywhere you work.

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Who Else Uses Salesflare?

Read this case study on why Udacity Blitz chose Salesflare.

"Salesflare gives me features I didn’t even know I needed. If you want an intuitive, automated, and intelligent sales CRM, I have seen nothing that comes close to Salesflare." -Udacity team

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How Much Is Salesflare?

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